Monday, 15 August 2016


Night a time of lull
Says the slumbering mortals
Yet in the dark are neon eyed convoys
But we know how to sweep real clean
For the day rises and we are all gone

Now the night rises
When I flirt with muse
And run with fully awakened spirits
In opposite direction to the world
I drink from the cup of the night
And read dreams
Then I write the dark

Night rises
When the nakedness of the day is covered
And I take a step ahead of time
To see beyond the minds
When the day is created
In the boardrooms of high places

Night arises
When men fondle terror
And bargain with horror
When a man mixes gin with human blood
And downs it benumbed
Then picks his wicked teeth with a piece of his prey’s rib
As a family shops for wood and clothes for the afterlife

Night rises
When I talk to the moon
And wink back at the seductive sparkling stars
And I marvel at the flickers of the fireflies
Then I listen to the symphonies of hoots and howls
And deathless barks signalling the presence of the spirits

Night rises
When the necropolis comes to live
And necrophilic rites are performed
When starving ghouls go to shop
With dregs of mist to drink
And a mortal’s head puffs
At an encounter

Now the day rises
And the night falls
And we sweep clean so you cannot tell
Now the sun rises
And I must sleep
For yet again the night must rise.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Little Much

As the anguished eyes of the economy
Looks up to the weight of the barrels
So do we wait for the end of the recession
Yonder away from it we wish
Just as the Pounds sashay away from the Naira
And the Dollar like a leper treats the Naira
And high as the mountains rise
So do contemptible prices soar with wings
Daily this plate gives more space
For the worth of a fill

The grains are becoming countable
So I sort this canteen again
And I was served
It isn’t the season of war
Not yet at least
I couldn’t cry
Neither could ask her to take it back
For the grace of Trump was in charge

Oliver Twist counseled

I was an adored retailer
The pride of life won’t let me

I had paid for hunger
It was too sorrowful for me.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Was I weak?
Was I a coward?
Was I afraid of pain?
No I had become the pot of pain
And became bored of pain
Did the noose check by?
Yes he did?
Did I consent?
Of course No

Recently I have enjoyed these trips
Trips between realms
Where the devil loves
And scorpions kiss
Where the lads are eternally cheerful
And the Sun doesn’t burn
Sometimes I go too far in my sojourn
People say I talk to myself
I know am not mad
I haven’t taken off my clothes in public yet
But I smile too much at nothing that I see clearly

Every day I take this trip
Sometimes I bribe my way back to my soul
Sometimes I almost never came back
For herein lie waiting whips for me
I have waited too long for hope
So I decided to go and meet hope
Then one day I traveled
Crossed seven sugar candy mountains
Sailed seven seas of milk
It rained honey
And I saw an economy like no other

This day I had traveled too far
Just too far
And never found my way back.

Friday, 20 May 2016


Like a lily in a desert
You withered
In the furnace of my love
Down you were at the bottom
Of the sea of an intense devotion
The loud melodies of my heart
Made you dumb

I bought you the moon
The twinkling made you blind
Then I weaved the stars for you
But the constellations gagged you
I peeled you a thousand foreskins
But my hands were too bloody
Then I jailed demons for you
Yet there was acid in my head

Then to one direction you pointed
Yet there appeared at the exit
A network of cobwebs: you
Don’t stop don’t stop you implored
Then I ran but waited
Ran as this liberation ensnared me
Ran as fast as my weary limbs could carry me
And as slow as my heart halted me

Don’t stop don’t stop you implored
Your hands flung open for a hug
I could hear your soul call
Yet your eyes lighted traffic red
So I ran but waited
Tearing through the winds
Chained to memories and solid echoes
Don’t stop don’t stop she beckoned
Yet I ran far away on one spot

Friday, 18 March 2016

The Earth Lords

Boundless, the breathless desert
Summons each grain to a voracious feast
Lifeless the grasslands lay scorched to death
Voiceless the spirit of the sand
Places a curse of fury
And a notice of banishment
On the sons of the sun

Soundless the hooves drum
Ordained to posses wherever it treads
For the soils are theirs
And the fullness thereof
Sparkless will the skies be today
For the swarm shall graze
Be it blood or foliage

Heartless the Mbororo raids
For milk is thicker than blood
Bleats esteemed over a deathless childish babble
Worthless a soul is to beef
Mindless a graze is claimed
Under the ruthless watch of violence
Another night yet another songless dirge